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President Tyrump Goes Nuclear
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"President Tyrump Goes Nuclear" is a book-length excerpt from Tony Christini's novel Empire All In, by Badak Merah press. President Donbo King Tyrump has risen to power. Violence and chaos erupt in the Oval Office during a Cabinet meeting when a US Trident submarine launches a nuclear missile at Washington DC. The Great Texas Republic Fundamentalist Independence Group claims credit for the rogue launch. “I had a blast reading Empire All In. Tony Christini takes us on a wild ride—as funny as it is frightening. Troubling dreams become a full-blown nightmare as the US falls, like a drunk at the end of a disastrous party, into the arms of President Donbo King Tyrump. Is Christini writing satire or filling us in on our future? Can fiction compete with the bizarre, surrealistic, dystopian, this-can’t-be-true US presidential election? I’d thought not until I read Christini’s Empire All In.” -Mark Brazaitis, author, 1998 Iowa Short Fiction Award, 2012 Richard Sullivan Prize, 2012 Gival Press Novel Award, 2013 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award, 2014 Autumn House Press Fiction Competition "Empire All In is a masterpiece, a unique, brutally honest and at the same time hilarious political novel. A work of fiction, a satire, a loud J’accuse!, it furiously and passionately attacks and ridicules the Western regime, the political system of the United States and its two Presidential candidates who recently managed to outrage and humiliate the world with their heartlessness, arrogance, cynicism and greed. Two parties, one dogma. Two distinct faces, but one single, murderous goal. Christini’s novel is nothing short of a call for global revolution! It is as uncompromising and brave politically as it is powerful as a work of art!” -Andre Vltchek, philosopher, novelist, filmmaker, investigative journalist IPL 2018 LIVE

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