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Celine, along with her mum and dad were a happy, normal, family living in Perth till one day everything changed. A hooded stranger appeared on their porch in the midst of night, and then without warning, reason or explanation her dad disappeared.The year following had been filled with loneliness after they uprooted to an old derelict house in the middle of an island full with nothing but strangers. Agonising pains had begun, almost the moment they’d arrived here, to rip through her body more and more each day. Pain her mum insisted was nothing more than growing pains. But this was different. These were no ordinary pains. Sleep brought her no relief for even there, brutal dreams haunted her. Dreams of another world. A world calling to her. Calling for help.But what could she do to save the people of Mesonia from the evil clutches of Ecio Pyrrus. After all, they are only dreams; or are they? IPL 2018 LIVE

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