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Ruthless People
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Ruthless People #1…the book that started it all……To the outside world, they look like American royalty, giving to charities, feeding the homeless, and rebuilding the city. But behind closed doors is a constant battle for dominance between two bosses, cultures, and hearts.Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago and follows the life and marriage of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan - rivals by blood and leaders through fear. Theirs is an arranged marriage with the goal of ending years of bloodshed between the Irish and the Italians. Liam assumes he's getting a simple-minded wife, one he can control, one who bends to his every need...he’ll soon find out that his wife to be does not fit that mold.Melody knows exactly what type of man Liam is and would rather die than give up the power she has spent her life earning.The mafia of the past has evolved, and with rival bosses gunning for their family, Melody and Liam will have to learn to work as one to take down those who stand in their way.Check out more thrilling titles in the Ruthless People series:THE UNTOUCHABLES (#2)"One Secret, Multiple Casualties."AMERICAN SAVAGES (#3)"Villains by Choice."A BLOODY KINGDOM (#4)"Is it possible to have too much power?"CORALINE + DECLAN (prequel novella that takes place 2 years before Ruthless People)"You don't find love; it finds you." IPL 2018 LIVE

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