The Ghost of Lady Annabelle

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The Ghost of Lady Annabelle
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During the 14th Century a young beautiful blonde woman by the name of Lady Annabelle was married to the most ruthless King of England King Geston I. The king threw elaborate parties in his castle that Lady Annabelle being timid and shy did not approve of but the king told her to shut up and mind her own business. The king always had a woman at his side and did not care about having a monogamous relationship with Lady Annabelle. One day when the king was visiting his good friend Lord Bennington, Lady Annabelle got on her horse to take a ride to help relieve the stressful lonely days of being the kings wife, but just as she was about to take off on her horse, a dashing young man on a beautiful white horse rode alongside Lady Annabelle’s horse and asked her what her name was, and she said “Lady Annabelle,” in an excited voice. She was so excited to be in the presence of this handsome man that she could barely remember her name. The handsome man said “My name is Lord Wellington. Would you like some company on your ride?” Lady Annabelle smiled and said “Yes my Lord that would be most fitting to have you ride alongside me but we must hurry because if my king catches us together he will kill us both.” Lord Wellington chimed in and said “Let me worry about that my lady.” The two rode off laughing and having a really good time. Little did they know that the king had one of his men keep a close eye on Lady Annabelle while he was gone visiting his friend. After a good thirty minutes into the ride Lord Wellington motioned for Lady Annabelle to follow his horse to a secluded area to rest before riding back to the castle. They both tied their horses to a tree nearby the clearing where they would rest for a brief moment. They both sat down on the grass laughing and talking for a bit then their eyes met and they embraced and shared a kiss together not knowing that behind one of the trees by the clearing was the king’s man that was to keep an eye on Lady Annabelle should anything such as this should arise. Moments later the chemistry that these two had could not be ignored so they both tore out of their clothes and made passionate love together. Then the man that was keeping an eye on Lady Annabelle got on his horse and rode as fast as he could to tell King Geston I what he had witnessed.

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