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Blue Lion
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"Light had seeped out of the window and into the evening. As I stood, crooked-backed and heavy-headed, stillness flowed through open doors from the lounge, through the useless alcove and into the half-tidy kitchen. Disrepair was the decorative theme of the house. Every room, the yard, the front doors, windows and walls, the roof, the bathroom, the attic were works in progress. Where attention was particularly required, I hung posters of Van Goghs, Edward Hoppers, that Japanese wave, La Doche Vita and postcards of stills from Studio Ghibli movies. I propped my gatefold albums in front of holes in the wall just above the mantle piece. One of them was 4 by Led Zepplin, itself a depiction of dereliction, ironically, if that's an instance of irony. I cultivated weeds in the back yard. One of them, of which I was most proud, was the beginnings of a chestnut tree, the seed of which I had picked up on a walk through the Park of Eastern Delights the previous autumn. The soil was dust I had swept up at times and emptied into three ceramic pots, one of which now lay in pieces below the window sill, victim to the last storm of Spring."

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