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-- Would you like to know the two commands you can give your dog that will solve 95 percent of all problems?-- What are the basics of dog training?-- How can dog psychology help you to understand your dog?-- Have you ever heard of Fame Tame?-- What would you do if a crazed Doberman were going for your throat?-- Is it okay to let your dog stick his head out the car window at 40 mph?-- How do you know what dog to buy?-- Are you anthropomorphic with your dog?-- What are the most common myths about dogs?-- How do you know when to let your dog go?-- What does Aristotle say about a dog’s soul?-- What do dogs really want when they lick your lips?-- How strong are a dog's senses?-- What are a dog's three levels of attention?-- How important is socialization?-- Do all dogs bite?-- What do dogs think about?-- Is your dog capable of being a hero? 14,000 Dogs Later will answer all of these questions...and much,much, more. IPL 2018 LIVE

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