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Have you ever thought of Earth's creatures as healers or guides? What will they teach you if you open up your mind to them? In this newly revised edition of her pioneering book, Penelope Smith shares powerful insight into advanced interspecies communication techniques, showing yet again why When Animals Speak has been a valued resource for almost two decades. Smith presents accessible methods that illuminate the astonishing ways humans can communicate with all Earth's creatures. This advanced guide will unlock your intuitive consciousness, enlightening your spiritual understanding of the world and your connection to it. In addition to chapters devoted to developing and enhancing mind-to-mind communication with animals -- whether it be cherished household pets or slugs in your garden -- When Animals Speak provides a fascinating look at animals as healers and teachers. Explore dealing with loss, reincarnation, and moments of transition; learn how animals think and perceive differently than humans; and even communicate with spirits of nature. Most importantly, Smith shows us that communication stems from compassion -- a true willingness to share and listen to our animal friends. IPL 2018 LIVE

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