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This beautiful world is going to go through major changes in the not to distant future, and none of them will be for the better. Because your children and most certainly your grandchildren will grow up in a very different world to the one we knew when we were little, and there will be some irrepairable damage done. Because within a minimum of twenty years to a maximum of forty years the polar ice caps will have melted away and most of the creatures that live there will be extinct. Including the already struggling polar bears, and many parts of this world will be lost forever due to the rising sea levels. All thanks to global warming mostly caused by the use of fossil fuels, also the oil industry who are now drilling for oil in the Arctic are also seen as a threat by many people due to the distruption they will cause, plus of course the very real and most probable risk of an oil spill which would be devastating. Also most of the fish in our oceans will be extinct thanks to over fishing, and all of this will happen thanks to mankinds needless destruction of this planet in his constant search to make that all important profit.

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