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Crossroads has been dealing with continued debt, loss of staff, lack-luster performance of new projects, the terminal illness of founder David Mainse, attention around the Axcess Automation/Funds ponzi scheme that had involved Ron and Reynold Mainse, as well as public questions around CIDA funding. The New York Times - Authorities Say Ponzi Had Ties to Christian Chat Show The Ontario Securities Commission has named two sons of David Mainse, the founder of the Canadian Christian talk show, “100 Huntley Street,” in a case involving a $15 million Ponzi scheme, The Globe and Mail reported. The Mainse brothers, Reynold and Ronald, “were not party to the fraud,” the Canadian authority said, but they allegedly breached securities rules because their actions constituted trading in securities for which they were not registered in Ontario. The brothers are alleged to have promoted two investment schemes and were jointly paid a total of 248,000 Canadian dollars in commissions for their referrals. On Thursday, the Canadian authority said the investments were a Ponzi scheme operated by Gordon Driver, who briefly worked at the television show. The statement of allegations also named David Rutledge, an ordained minister who was previously employed by the charitable organization that operates “100 Huntley Street.” He is accused of trading in securities without registration, but is not accused of participating in the fraud, the newspaper said. I am one of the people who invested with Gordon A. Driver “Axcess Fund LLC” beginning of 2007. I talked with him a couple times a month every month to see how things were going and actually met him face to face twice. I was told when I invested with him that he is a good Christian and was the salt of the earth. Turns out he is the total opposite. He stole from friends, long term friends people that were in financial trouble and guaranteed them high returns. Now in hind sight returns that were to good to be true. I hope he rots in jail! He has hurt so many families that are now because of him in serious financial trouble. Gordon A. Driver (702) 951-9398 Posted by: Lost Shirt | July 09, 2009 at 06:37 PM For several weeks, Ron Mainse, president of Crossroads Christian Communications, Inc., and his brother Reynold Mainse, director of missions for Crossroads, have been absent from their daily, flagship program, 100 Huntley Street. The opening credits of the program have been re-edited and longtime on-air staff member Moira Brown and Canadian radio/television broadcaster and author Jim Cantelon have been fronting the daily telecast. The best explanation seems to be found in this lone media report, which appeared May 21st in the Hamilton Spectator. (Although The Spectator is owned by The Toronto Star, it appears the story was considered too local to Hamilton to be picked up by the larger daily.) The story identifies the Mainse brothers, sons of Crossroads founder David Mainse, as investing in a project sold by Axcess Automation which the story identifies as a Ponzi scheme, illegal both in Canada and the U.S. The seller is identified as Gordon Driver. Gord, as he was known when he lived in Southern Ontario, was the founder of Sounds of Triumph, a non-profit organization that produced Christian concerts and radio programs, one of which was produced for Toronto Teen Challenge. Offices and studios were located in the now demolished Evangelistic Centre at Yonge and York Mills in Toronto; the same Pentecostal Holiness Church which for several years rented space on Monday nights to a young evangelist named Benny Hinn. Most of the Canadian investors come from former Canadian Pentecostal royalty, Mainse, Rutledge, Stacey, the Crossroads family of media companies.

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